YENI School Programme Wk2

So week 2 had arrived and I strode confidently up the stairs towards the classroom at St. Malachys for my second schools company programme meeting. I little too confidently on reflection as I found myself...


...on the second floor and not the first which is where the classroom was actually situated! Not to worry though as I thought no one had noticed except of course for the group of boys who were about to go into the same room as me...queue some tittering from them and me feeling thankful that I wasn't just about to take a geography lesson.


So company members assembled, my sleeves rolled up and ready to go on week 2, which today was mainly focusing on company formation... I.e. the roles and responsibilities of the directors and then the election of said positions. For the first group I was with, this was a very entertaining process, as a lot of ambitious characters wanted to be appointed to every position going, so given the abundance of potential leaders I decided to invoke the PR election system. After a few minutes explaining exactly what Proportional Representation actually was, we got underway with the counting of votes in what was I think meant to be based on ability of fellow students, but really ended up in being a " your my mate, vote for me..." Sort of thing and visa versa.


So after a few recounts and electoral posturing, the positions of Managing Director, Asst. MD, Marketing Dir, Human Resources Dir, Operations Dir, Sales Dir, Finance Dir, Information Technology Dir and Company Secretary were duly filled. The incumbent directors were very pleased with their positions right up to the point where it was made clear to them, that they have to work as hard if not harder than everyone else in the company and the end of year company reports where their responsibility. So I left the first group to get cracking on their business ideas whilst I went across to the second group to conduct the second set of elections.


So election day was repeated again, only this time it took a little persuasion to get volunteers for the positions that needed filled, but once I got them into the swing of it... They warmed to the task immensely. Again a few partisan voting groups emerged, but all in all a satisfactory result yielded the new company directors in place and the group dived back into their favourite part of the experience...Getting their product ideas shaped and refined into something that can go to market.


The time as ever flew by and with my recommendation that everyone get online and into the YENI website, they bolted for the door, though I was very encouraged to see the chat wasn’t about what was on TV or who was playing who in the next sporting fixture, but still heated debates about the product and marketing and sales... Roll on week 3!



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